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Phenom Expands Lineup of Dissolvable Metallics

Houston, Texas – July 13, 2017 Phenom Innovations announces it will continue to expand the selection of compound profiles available for its Wraith dissolvable metallics to provide for a larger range of operational specifications. Changes will include options for more flexible dissolution rates and ranges, and improvements in flexural and compressive strengths.

Initially introduced in 2016, the entire Wraith product line represents a paradigm shift for engineers and project managers interested in building and using dissolvable downhole tools, which is often seen as a controversial move.

Phenom seeks to distinguish Wraith dissolvables from the standard PGA and magnesium-based options by highlighting its core scientific and construction differences[K1] .

“There are a myriad of differences between our product and other dissolvables on the market” says Dale Fain, President and CEO. “Our technology is light years ahead of our competitors and allows engineers the freedom to design the tools exactly as needed rather than around the limitations they’ll find when using traditional dissolvables. Wraith is a stronger, more flexible material that does exactly what it is supposed to do; completely dissolve.”

Unlike other dissolvables, which are created by compressing the primary material into form and securing it with a binder, Wraith is a proprietary metallic compound that contains up to 99% Al and is smelted into its final form. With no additional adhesives to consider, operators are left with only traces amounts of Al(OH)3 after the Wraith material dissolves; a stark contrast to aftermath of dissolved magnesium or composite materials which are known for necessitating additional cleanup/millout operations.

A second major benefit in choosing Wraith metallics over magnesium-based options comes in the form of safer, cheaper manufacturing, transport and usage. Wraith is classified as non-hazardous, non-flammable material meaning companies can opt for commercial transport of the material and choose from a wider selection of manufacturing facilities as no special provisions are required for machining it.

Touted by the company as a “truly dissolvable metal”, Wraith promises to change the way operators view the prospect of employing dissolvables as a new standard in unconventionals project design.